It's time to rethink
mental wellbeing

Most solutions today focus only on the mind - leaving out vital functions and wisdom of our body. We take a different approach.
We integrate body and mind into a science-backed solution for promoting emotional wellbeing in the world.
Psychological approach
Physical approach
Our approach

Emotional awareness for long-lasting wellbeing

Most solutions today focus on CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy). While CBT has proven effective, it's also been questioned for its' long-term effect. Behind our cognitive system lies our emotional system that sends signals to our brain on what feels loving, caring, joyous or terrifying, angst-proving and shameful. Exploring our emotional scheme can grant access to enormous insights and healing - but many of us pays little attention to our emotions. We include elements of emotion-focused therapy (EFT) to help you discover your emotional style. Through emotional AI and sentiment technology, we provide a safe space for exploring new emotional schemes that - with practice, will start to feel second nature.

L. Greenberg, N. Malberg, M. Tomkins (2003) Working with emotions

Reclaim feelings of calmness in your nervous system

For many of us, our body’s built-in stress system is in overdrive. With a nervous system stuck in fight or flight mode, your body is not receiving adequate time to rest and recover. Overcoming an overstimulated nervous system can feel like an uphill battle. We leverage newest research from microbiology, neuroscience and psychology in the growing gut-health category. By taking a physiological approach, we provide functional food guidance on how to nurture the vagus nerve and other gut-brain interactions that connects your body and mind. Providing your body with functional nutrition, is essential for a balanced nervous systems - reclaiming feelings of safety and calmness in your body and mind.

S. Anderson, J. Cryan, T. Dinan (2017) The Psychobiotic Revolution - Mood, Food, and the New Science of the Gut-Brain Connection

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