Restore your natural balance in mind and body.

We live in a world with more focus on surviving than thriving. Everyday stress has become the new norm - and it wears on our mind and body. We use natural power of mind and body for more mental and emotional well-being in the world.

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Stress, meet science.

Groundbreaking research is transforming the way we understand body and mind. The gut-brain axis has become one center of focus for mental health. Based on cutting-edge discoveries, we use the natural power of body and mind to build healthy stress resilience in a busy everyday life.

people between
18-54 experience
everyday stress today.

of our ancestral microbes
haven been lost due to
diet and antibiotic use.

a healthy gut helps
you build healthy
stress resilience.

understand your
emotions as the link
between mind and body.

Strengthen your body's stress response.

For many of us, our body’s built-in stress system is in overdrive. With a nervous system stuck in fight or flight mode, your body is not receiving adequate time to rest and recover from everyday stressors.

We leverage cutting-edge innovation in gut health, and build up your gut microbiome to strengthen a better balance in  your nervous systems' regulation between stress and rest-and-digest mode.

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Develop a new line of communication.

Nothing is more natural than emotions. Still, many of us are only able to recognize and label three. Happy, sad or pissed-off. Emotions is our inner navigation and carries important information from body to mind.  Without emotional awareness or literacy, we easily react rather than respond to the information our body is communicating.

By tracking your emotional state and measure stress levels, we help identify your stress triggers and provide tools to respond to all the positive and negative things that we experience throughout life.

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Emotional AI & sentiment analysis

Daily video journals & guided interviews

Mood analysis & stress

Personalised content
& exercises

Emotional AI & sentiment analysis

Daily video journals & guided interviews

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